"Pushing the limit while embracing the temporary."

My approach to this series dealt with being exposed to multiple elements- including rigorous activity. Pushing the limit of both the product and the athlete, as well as myself and our camera gear, while performing at a pretty intense rate. In preparation we had 4 cameras at the ready with different lenses which allowed for different shooting styles and looks. Utilizing multiple stretches and exercises we properly warmed up the athlete to execute at peak performance while using the product. He was requested to “push as hard as he could” to express real emotion, real activity and real body language.

Photography throughout the day remained mostly candid or roughly staged. Although we were prepared with plenty of lights and modifiers, we ended up running with just a single bounce fill. By working with available light it enabled us to balance the dynamic range of our talent and scene without the use of artificial light. This allowed me to connect and communicate strongly with the athlete without distraction during rigorous activity. From a talent/photographer standpoint this was important to me because it allowed him to get in the zone and almost forget we were there with him, adding to the authenticty of the final captures. Demanding work rarely looks like pretty faces and nice smiles, so we chose a few images where the athlete had hardened expressions to portray the amount of effort that was taking place, all while the soundsport remained implanted firmly in the athlete’s ear.

Retouching was performed in a stylized manner. Certain files featured a more polished look; however other images were pushed in contrast and black/white with different textures and grains enhanced. Final presentation ranges from digital representation to a non-illuminated billboard, keeping the viewing window limited to hours of daylight and a specific physical location. Pushing the limit while embracing the temporary.

Nothing about this series is fake or fabricated. The sweat is real, the activity is real. Our athlete was tired, it was hot as hell, our gear took a beating and so did we. Everything about this project pushed everything to the limit. Things got wet, dirty, scuffed and broken.

– Travis Carroll